Originally, this event took place in the thirteenth century. Despite many breaks since Napoleon Bonaparte captured Italy and Mussolini’s fascist regime, the carnival still retains its traditional charm. Venetians also refer to this festival as ‘Carnevale di Venezia’. The word ‘carnival’ is thought to be derived from the Latin word ‘carne vale’, which means ‘farewell to meat’. It is always a pleasure to attend this event for those taking flights to Italy. Throughout Italy and many other places around the world, this carnival is celebrated joyfully 40 days before Easter. Holidays in Italy last for ten days, usually starting in the last week of December, but the exact date varies.

This festival focuses primarily on masks, but there are also a number of activities, such as carnival games, costume parades, and parties. Visitors arrive in Venice Italy on cheap flights to Italy to take part in this ten-day celebration. Mask-wearing is associated with many different stories. According to legends, masks were a way of celebrating winter and protecting themselves from the cold winter at the same time, from general Venetians to slaves. Later on, it developed into a festival. Venice Carnivals are one of the most popular festivals in the world, with more than 30,000 visitors per day.

Participants of different identities and social status can interact more freely by hiding their identities behind a mask. Carnival masks are one of the most important features of the festival, and you can buy them in Venetian shops where you can choose from beautiful to frightening masks. The Volto or Larva mask is the most simple and commonly used mask in Italy. Other masks include Bauta and Moretta. You’ll discover that Italy is filled with theaters, streets, squares, and public buildings, all of which are subjects of a multitude of initiatives and performances. It will be a festival filled with colors and charm.