Thailand is an astounding kingdom featuring many Buddhist temples, marvelous palaces, beautiful beaches, exotic wildlife, gorgeous spas and more. Thailand is very well-known for its unique culture that includes mouth-watering Thai seafood delicacies. Thailand is a destination that appeals to everyone, whether they are hippy chic or craving luxury. And, you can find ever-appealing budget packages which provide the finest sightseeing, extensive shopping and tasty gourmet.

Another reason Thailand appeals to tourists is that the people are friendly and helpful in all senses. Maybe it is because of the traditional greeting ‘the wai’, which is when a person bows with their hands held together. It is also because of Thailand’s motto ‘Mai Pen Rai’ which means ‘Don’t worry.’

Thailand has three primary seasons – the dry season, the hot season and the monsoon season. The country is flocked with tourists during the dry season because the temperature does not exceed 90 degrees. Tourists fill the super sunny beaches during the hot season. During the monsoons, people mostly prefer the northern parts of Thailand because the island can flood.

There are over 40000 Buddhists temples in Thailand. Travelers will surely find at least one temple on their way to different places across the country. These imposing structures date back to Thailand’s ancient dynasties. Each one reflects Thailand’s architectural splendor. Though many cities in Thailand undergo continuous modernization, some still hold on to their ancestral roots. These include the city of Sukhothai, the ancient ruins preserved during the Siamese Kingdom in 1238.

Festivals are as exciting as their rich culture and history. These festivals are mostly derived from religions and lunar calendar and so on. It is common for travelers to plan their vacations near these festivals to be able to attend the celebrations and gain a deeper understanding of them. One of the most popular festivities is Songkran, also known as the water festival.

Another notable feature of Thailand is its markets. You can never find a market like the Thai markets. Each market has its own peculiarities, from the things they sell to the crowds they attract.

Thailand also has exotic wildlife. Khao Yai National Park is in central Thailand. Along the South of Thailand, there are beaches filled with naughty monkeys. The Monkey Beach in ‘Koh Phi Phi’ is a famous monkey hotspot. Do not forget that feeding these animals is forbidden! Also, clearing down these tourist spots, which abuse animal protection is punishable.

Thailand is a land of manners and etiquettes; a land of relaxation and wildness, friendliness and godliness, a land of happiness and not forgetting the country is the land of ‘smiles’.