The restaurants in Tokyo, Japan offer delicious dishes and palatable platters. From fresh Sashimi to savory Soba, you can experience Japan’s luscious taste and its rich history in some of Tokyo’s best restaurants. There are many restaurants in the city that serve not only Japanese food, but also the best. Depending on the dish you are craving, there are a variety of restaurants in Tokyo Japan that can meet your palate needs. Since Tokyo is the capital of Japan, there are many options available to visitors. Whether it is Ramen, Sushi, Tofu dishes, Seafood, or grilled meat, you can find it all here.

Japanese sushi is famous all over the world for fish lovers. There’s nothing like a slice of this delicately prepared dish. Sushi Dai at Tokyo’s Central Market is also known as Daiwa Sushi. You can get the freshest fish here. The sushi here is the best in Tokyo, prepared in front of you with chopsticks. It’s a small place, so waiting for an hour in line is normal.

How about a taste of Japan’s traditional noodles or soba? Namiki Yabusoba is near Senso-ji temple. There’s a small eatery here with closet-size spaces and tatami mats so you feel like you’re back in the old days. Their specialty blends well with the restaurant’s quiet atmosphere.

An Edo-style garden surrounds a restaurant near the Tokyo Tower that looks like an Edo palace in the heart of the metropolis. Besides their home made twice-fried tofu, Toufuya-Ukai serves pretty much any other Japanese dish. Tofu here is made with well water and hand-picked soybeans. You can serve it with seaweed distilled broth, soy milk, miso soup or fried twice. It’s an unforgettable restaurant.

There’s a classic Japanese restaurant called Ten Ichi located in Ginza, the epicenter of western brands. Tempura restaurants have been around for more than 70 years. They’re the masters of tempura. It’s everything from shrimp, scallops, seafood, crab to vegetables like eggplant, asparagus, lotus loot and sweet potato. Deep-fried in sesame and corn oil after being dipped in a light batter.

The best restaurants in Tokyo Japan may be difficult to locate due to their hidden location. If you find these restaurants, sit on their chairs, and order their specialties, you will not only satisfy your craving, but also create lasting memories.