Since before the 1930s, when tourists first started flocking to Bariloche in Argentina in an effort to avoid the warmest days of the Northern hemisphere’s summer, skiing has been a popular hobby in South America. Both Chile and Argentina have outstanding skiing, hosting prestigious events and tournaments that draw Olympic competitors and tourists to the area for what is without a doubt some of the best skiing and snowboarding the entire globe have to offer.

What Makes the Experience So Great?

You might be wondering why skiing has grown so popular in South America; the quality of the snow plays a factor in this. If you ski on the East Coast of the United States, in California, or in another location where the snow is frequently wet, you might yearn to travel to a place like Utah, Jackson Hole, or Sun Valley, where the powder is excellent and sprinkling behind your skis or board resembles a broad, glittering swath of diamond dust that sparkles in the sunlight.

If skiing in powder is your thing, consider South America for some ultra-dry, ultra-deep, ultra-intense powder action. The Argentinian Andes or the highlands of Chile are frequently the locations of filming if you’ve ever wondered where professional skiers and snowboarders go on those heli-ski experiences that leave you speechless. Amazingly, you can achieve this for yourself if you’re up for an incredibly difficult challenge but far less expensive than you may anticipate.

The resorts in Chile and Argentina offer top-notch amenities in addition to virgin snow at the summit of some of the tallest mountains in the world. Huge runs, a tonne of diversity, and enough lift capability can be found in locations like Termas de Chillán in Chile and Bariloche in Argentina. It’s not surprising that so many people travel to South America each year to ski and snowboard because the region has hotels with first-rate amenities, delicious international cuisine, ski and snowboard instruction for both children and adults, outstanding nightlife, and shopping options—all at prices that are incredibly affordable by Australian, Canadian, American, and European standards.

Ski Season in South America

If you reside in the Northern Hemisphere and can’t get enough of winter, you’ll be happy to learn that the ski season in South America starts around the middle of June and occasionally even earlier and lasts until the middle of October. Midway through May, snow begins to fall in the area of Bariloche, so monitor the weather and begin making travel arrangements early. There is a limited amount of room due to the lodgings, lift lines are typically short, especially in more distant areas, and you are only a few hours away by plane. When enjoying all that skiing in South America has to offer, let your boss know that you might not be returning.