Summer must have more to offer. Well, there is, and a nice holiday is just what you need! A stunning country in the South of France boasts those beautiful villas. The south of France is the perfect place to relax, enjoy the fantastic weather, and sample the local delights such as cheese, fish, and bread! When you take your children to some breathtaking cities, you won’t have to worry about them getting bored.

Aix-en-Provence is an easy city to locate if you rent villas in the south of France, as it’s fairly central to the whole area. The city has had a tremendous cultural influence on the rest of France, particularly Paul Cezanne. Visit the fantastic shops and restaurants while you wander the city.

In the south of France, Arles is a beautiful city that also has a number of villas for rent that you can take advantage of. Thousands of people come and visit the south of France and rent villas in this area, which is so popular. As well as the Rhone river and the Camargue, Arles is famous for its spectacular Roman arena. A must-see is Les Arenes, as it was built by the Romans for the games and still hosts controversial bullfights.

Avignon is another area in the south of France with many villas for rent. The city of Avignon is very beautiful and busy all year round. The city’s outskirts are home to many big shops, such as Ikea and Decathlon, while its center is the perfect destination for tourists. Avignon has the Palais des Papes, which housed six popes from 1930 to 1970. Avignon’s main street is lined with lovely restaurants, and you can enjoy them after you see the impressive Hotel du Ville.

Once you visit Gordes, you’ll understand why it’s voted one of France’s most beautiful villages time after time. Shops, restaurants, and gorgeous views can be found in this cliffside village. You should be aware that it is quite steep.

Another city worth exploring from your villa in the south of France is Marseille. This city is one of the largest on the Mediterranean, renowned for its amazing tourist attractions, from its fishing port to its breathtaking Calanques, as well as its many shops, restaurants, and cafes!

Villa rentals in the south of France are always an excellent choice for anyone looking for a vacation spot. You can rent a villa that is very private or a villa that is surrounded by people and activities. No matter where you visit, France is a vast and beautiful country.