Super Hotels

Super Hotels are budget hotels, but they offer some pretty good services that set them apart. There are free breakfast buffets, well-lit rooms and lobbies, wireless internet, non-smoking rooms in some buildings, and some hotels even have hot springs (onsens).

The system

One of the coolest things about the Super Hotel is the ATM-like check-in machine in the lobby. You pick the room and put your money down. A piece of paper with your room number and a code is then provided to you, which is your key to entering your room. The keyless system means you don’t have to check out, which is part of what makes Super Hotels so successful. It saves about 35% because the front desk is hardly staffed. It doesn’t stop repeat customers though, and about 70% of their customers come back. There’s a “Gussuri Nemureru” (sleep well) system where you can pick from six different kinds of pillows. There’s one thing you have to be careful of: they don’t let you check-in after midnight, and you can’t extend your checkout time.


Various regions have Super Hotels, including Kyushu, Tottori, Kansai, Central Japan, Northern Japan, and Greater Tokyo. Tokyo has the most with 10, mostly outside the city center in locations like Omiya, Myoden, Kameido, Akabane, etc.