A city of beautiful temple rooftops rising above traditional wooden houses and surrounded by lush greenery, Luang Prabang is a popular Southeast Asian tourist destination. On their Laos tours, visitors can discover much within the city, but also venture further afield from here to explore a little more.

The surrounding area remains sparsely developed, leaving forests, farmlands, vibrant local communities, beautiful natural wonders, and more for the adventurous to explore. Check out some of the best ‘off the beaten track’ destinations and activities around Luang Prabang in this article.

Waterfalls are a relaxing place to relax

There are many wonderful excursions available in the humid Southeast Asian countryside, such as visiting waterfalls. It allows you to wash away sweat and dust, enjoy spectacular natural beauty, and socialize with others. At most of the waterfalls around Luang Prabang, you can find a friendly mix of day-tripping locals and other travellers, making it a great addition to many Laos tours. It is possible to reach the Kuang Si Falls by boat, bus, tuk tuk or motorbike, which are about 29 kilometers out of town. Enjoy a picnic or a meal from the food s

talls, and spend a pleasant morning or afternoon exploring the surrounding area or swimming at various levels.

Take a ride on an elephant

When taking Laos tours, there are many ways to explore the Laotian wilds, such as trekking over mountain trails or taking a boat down the majestic Mekong, but an elephant ride is undoubtedly the most memorable. They were once considered one of the most reliable modes of travel in the region because they were beautiful and intelligent animals. It is still noted by visitors today how safely and gracefully they carry their human loads. An elephant trek is not only an exciting way to see the jungle and cross rivers, but also provides an insight into ancient travel. You can get recommendations from your travel agent or guest house about reputable elephant camps.

Embark on a bicycle exploration

It is surrounded by lush forests, idyllic rice fields, and charming villages. Seeing it all by bike is a great way to see it all at your own pace. Several bike rental shops are available in town, and the city’s quiet side streets are just as enjoyable to explore on two wheels as the country beyond. There are many highlights along the Mekong’s banks, such as cycling between nearby villages, such as Ban Phanom, known for its weaving, and Ban Xang Khong, known for its mulberry paper manufacturing.