Among all countries in the world, Japan has always been one of the most culturally diverse. In fact, whenever you hear the word Japan, stereotyped images probably flash through your mind. Mt. Fuji, sushi and other delectable dishes, and origami come to mind. The country has shared so many wonderful things with the world.

Here’s a Short List of the Top Things to See in Japan if You’re Looking For Something to Do.

Japan is the only country in the world where baseball is a big hit besides the U.S. What makes baseball so special, especially if you’ve been to a few games? It’s the experience of watching Japanese players and seeing the Japanese fans all hyped up about this game. It would be fun to watch other people play this game.

In March and April, you’ll be awed by the majestic cherry blossoms in this Land of the Rising Sun. The spring months are perfect for visiting this country because the weather is perfect, not too hot or too cold. Cherry blossoms also signal the start of festivals all over the country.

Mt. Fuji is also an iconic snow-topped volcano. Mt. Fuji is one of the most famous sights in Japan that almost every foreigner knows. Whether you’re riding the train or climbing it, you’ll get to see it. There are thousands of tourists who climb this mountain every year, both locals and tourists from around the world. Just make sure you hire a guide to make sure you’re safe.

The snow-covered mountains of Japan have some of the best snow for skiing and snowboarding. Thousands of foreigners visit the country all year round just to experience the exhilaration that only the Japanese slopes can provide.