There are so many excellent tourist attractions in Hong Kong that visitors will certainly never get bored. The most popular attraction in the area is certainly the local Disneyland, which opened several years ago and drew tourists from all over the world.

In Hong Kong, there are so many wonderful places to see, but unfortunately, the majority of tourists only stay for a few nights. When you visit this former British colony, you should try to visit all of the most popular tourist attractions listed for you.


You will never be able to complete a visit to Hong Kong without visiting Disneyland. If you are visiting with kids, they will never forgive you for not taking them to this amazing tourist attraction. Disneyland is located on Lantau Island and a number of outstanding hotels and resorts are located nearby to this popular tourist attraction.

Ocean Park

In Hong Kong, Ocean Park is one of the most popular tourist attractions. There are numerous attractions and activities available at this excellent theme park, including roller coasters and a shark aquarium. It is located on the south side of Hong Kong Island, so you should be aware of this if you wish to visit Ocean Park while in this Asian city.

Victoria Peak

Hong Kong’s Victoria Peak is one of its most beautiful places. It is located at an elevation of just over 550 meters and is a popular tourist destination where you can enjoy the city from above. You should also bring your camera with you when visiting this popular tourist destination. It takes only eight minutes for the Peak tram to take you to Victoria Peak if you are interested in visiting it.

Wong Tai Sin Temple

There are some quite stunning temples in Hong Kong, including the Wong Tai Sin Temple, one of the most popular of these temples. Founded in 1921, the Wong Tai Sin Temple is a Taoist temple and is especially popular with Chinese tourists visiting from abroad.