Thailand attracts many visitors from all over the world. Most countries in Southeast Asia can say that. Natural beauty, the hospitality of locals, and the inspiring temples draw tourists from all over the world.

Whether you want to spend the day relaxing on the beach under palm trees or enjoy the exotic nature before visiting ancient Buddhist temples, Thailand is the place to go. The most enjoyable way to finish the day is to go to a stormy party on the beach. The perfect time to visit Thailand is between October and February. This is when it is not raining so much. In the period between March and June there is not much rain but it is much warmer.

Thailand is located in the heart of Southeast Asia. In the northern part, there are mountains and forests; in the central part, there are vast rice fields; and in the northeast, there are tropical islands and extensive coastline. The country includes seventy-six provinces. The capital Bangkok is the residence of the Thai royal family. The head of state is Bhumibol Adulyadej, Rama IX. He is the longest-ruling king, for more than a century.

In order to visit all the famous places in Bangkok, you will need at least one week. There are very comfortable and cheap hotels in the capital.

Bangkok is a culinary paradise. Here you can taste the traditional cuisine of many countries around the world while being in only one restaurant. They are usually open all the time, day and night.

Transport in Thailand is very well organized and it will make your vacation there more convenient. The different islands and cities are connected to each other and visitors can move easily from one point to another. It is better to book a ticket in advance to avoid the rush at the last minute. As you arrive at the airport, it will be more convenient to catch a taxi to the hotel where you are staying in Bangkok. There is also a bus line but the buses are not air-conditioned and your journey will not be very pleasant.

There is no way to go to Bangkok without visiting the ancient temples of the Golden Buddha and the Marble Temple. On the Chao Phraya River, take a boat ride around the town. There is a wonderful view of shabby huts next to ultra-modern skyscrapers and majestic temples. You should also visit the floating market, located about 100 km away from Bangkok. The market is located on a wooden platform submerged in water.

That’s the way Bangkok looks. If you come once, you leave a part of yourself here and you want to come back and experience again all the moments that you have spent in the “City of Angels”.