Dubai is a popular metropolitan city that is looked upon as a wonderful place to spend time. This beautiful city has a number of places to hang out, where nightlife takes on a whole new hue. Since Dubai is a city where people from all parts of the world come and settle, you will find a blend of cultures from East to West. Similar is the case with food too. You will get to eat anything if you visit this city. Since there are hundreds of classy restaurants in Dubai, tasting Continental food, Chinese, Indian varieties or Thai delicacies is not an impossible thing. All you have to do is choose a cuisine and get set.

The JW’s Steakhouse is the perfect place to taste traditional steakhouse food in a luxurious way and to also enjoy various seafood delicacies. Though a bit expensive, you will get good service and Traditional Lebanese food would be a wow thing during cold months in Dubai. The Lebanese restaurant in Jumeirah Emirates Towers known as Al Nafoorah is famous for its chicken delicacies. In addition to chicken livers, you can also choose Assafir (a tiny bird) or pan-fried Ortolan in pomegranate sauce. The cold minced lamb with onions is yet another specialty of Al Nafoorah.

It can be very pleasing to your taste buds to try out Japanese cuisine at Nobu for a change. Sushi dishes can be found at their best here. The most surprising fact is that to get a table at this very Japanese restaurant, one needs to book two months in advance. This truly shows its popularity among the people of Dubai.

Trying typical spicy Indian cuisine in Dubai with Asha’s Restaurant is a real blessing for anyone who would love to taste Indian food. Owned by the famous Indian playback singer Asha Bhosle, this restaurant gives you good Indian food at its best. You can find juicy seek kebabs, chicken malai kebabs, and chicken tikkas on the kebab platter, which is the restaurant’s highlight. Other specialties of this restaurant are malai kebab, mutton curry Awadhi with rotis and biriyanis. Gosht biriyani is one of the famous biriyanis you would get from this place. Desserts too excel in taste. The chocolate mousse is one of the favorite among the regular customers of this restaurant.

The Palace Café would be the right choice if you wanted to try typical Arabic cuisine. Quick business lunches can be made luxurious if you visit this place. You get to taste hot and cold mezzeh and soups here. Coming to the Palace Café for a customary breakfast which includes Shakshuka eggs, foul Medamas and Falafel can make your day brighter. This restaurant is also famous for its Lobster falafel, Lemongrass Shawarma, Caramel burger, Shrimp Machbous and Moutabol trio. Desserts range from Date Ravioli, apple sambosa and mix fruit platter. You can even try around 21 mocktails here.

Are you in Dubai right now? Then make no delay in trying out the best food from the best restaurants in Dubai and making yourself contented.