We’re losing newspapers to tablets. We’re moving forward with technology. Digital magazines have changed the world, thanks to their interactive content. Take a look at it. My Android Magazine lets me read everything from the New York Times to out-of-print Nancy Drew murder mysteries in Google’s library, right in my palm.

What would we do without newspapers? It’s simple. News will always be there, but the format has changed. For the first time ever, online advertising sales have surpassed newspaper ad rates, but there’s still more news than ever. You can’t get it from the paper boy anymore. A simple Android Magazine app on a smartphone delivers any media under the sun from a single platform in the future. Online content radically improves the connecting of ideas.  Using an Android Magazine, you can read news from the Wall St. Journal, BBC, blogs, researchers, connecting ideas in a single stream for a more educated crowd.

The next wave of journalism is digital magazines. A third of Internet users will access online content via tablets. It’s like holding a magazine on your lap, and it’s easy to transport. Tablets make online content easier to consume. Get rid of the hefty laptop, power cord, and extra mouse. Android magazine apps make consuming news as easy and convenient as reading Time magazine on your tablet. Media is being revolutionized by digital content. Newspapers may be dead, but news isn’t, with more news being consumed now than ever before. In an Android magazine, you’ll find a smorgasbord of news segued together conveniently.